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Military Programs

About Military Training

Barton is the key provider of centralized sustainment training for the 1st Infantry Division DPTMS Military Schools.

Military Programs

The Military Programs' primary mission is to provide centralized vocational training to the soldiers of Fort Riley Kansas. This is a unique training mission in that the skills trained are specifically military and not generally available to the civilian market. Additionally, this training venue provides college credits to soldiers for successful course completion. The program's secondary mission is to provide training to US Government employees and other members of the total Army family including Army Reserve and National Guard personnel, military retirees, and authorized military family members. 

Military On-Site Training

The Military On-Site Training (MOST) program's mission is to enhance the readiness posture of US Army.

Army Reserve, National Guard, as well as active units by delivering cost-effective and flexible skill-based training. The MOST program teaching philosophy is to provide a high quality, effective, and positive skills-based education. Our approach is to teach the warrior, not the book. The goal is for every Soldier to leave the class with a thorough understanding of the course material and the ability to begin using their new skills immediately in the unit. The MOST program is designed to significantly reduce the unit's associated cost of travel, per diem, and MSA/UTA funding. Learn more about the Military On-Site Training Program.


Barton Community College Military Training is still taking place, masks are required. Your safety is our first priority.

It is important to get your FR28 into your school NCO before classes are full.   

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Payment: We do not accept Government Travel Cards (GTC/DTS) for Out Of State Payment 

Reminder: Self-Help is located at Building 307, Carter & Holbrook, Main Post Fort Riley, Kansas 66442

All other classes are located in Building 8388 Armistead St. Fort Riley, Kansas 66442 (Near Estes gate) 

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